Trichocerca ?

Trichocerca ?

Postby Alexandre » Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:06 pm

Hello marine breeders! I've done a plancton collection while on a trip some days ago and I could find some interesting animals. One of them is a rotifer which looks like Brachionus rotundiformis. I don't have ways to measure them but, comparing to my Brachionus plicatillis (L strain), they are 1/3 smaller. Anyway, I discovered another rotifer that seems to be some species of Trichocerca . I've done some search and could't find much information.Those one are smaller than the "s" strain that I collected from the same estuary, maybe half the size in width and 1/3 smaller in high-very small indeed! They are blooming with Nanochloropsis .
I was thinking about using them as small larvae food, due to their small size.
Anyone have any information about them?

Thank's in advance!


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