Welcome to this Forum!

Welcome to this Forum!

Postby Luis A M » Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:55 pm

Welcome to our new Research Forum!.This will be the place for all the people who have ideas"out of the box"where new aproaches can be posted and their development followed and shared by all of us.
It is designed to work as a team work forum,somebody proposes a new method or technique to solve some problem,and some of us join working on it and discussing results.
This team work can be indeed very powerful and enable us to achieve results hard to meet for individual efforts.
So we can find and develop better ways to carry on our keeping-breeding-raising projects and solve any problems that might rise.
Dont let the word "research"intimidate you.This is for simple projects which we can develop with the skills and means we have as hobbyists.
This is how it will work.Somebody posts a new project and defines its protocol.A group of people who like the project,start working on it,all following the same protocol.Experiences are discused and at the end final results are established and hopefully a new technique was created.
We are confident that this Forum,which doesnt exist in other Sites,could become a powerful tool to push further the frontiers of what we know or what we can do in this fascinating thing of breeding marine creatures.
Thank you for your ideas and contributions here!.
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Re: Welcome to this Forum!

Postby Midnight Angel » Sat Jan 16, 2010 5:55 pm

Luis I think this is a great idea :!: When I posted about my ghost ribbon eels spawning one of the main reasons why I did it was to help MOFIB. I thought that it would be a good thread to help bring some attention to MOFIB. But in the end MOFIB was a greater help to me. I gained more than I ever thought I would because of people like you sharing your thoughts. So again I think this is a great idea. The more minds picking at any problam the better the outcome will be. :) Also it can help things to move much faster than one person working alone.

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