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Hallo from Czech Republic

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Hallo from Czech Republic

Postby vasekg » Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:44 pm

Hi, first let me introduce myself, my name is Vaclav, im from Czech republic and me and my friend love marine fish breeding.

Year ago we breeded clownfish - Amphiprion ocellaris. We used live rotifer culture feeding (powered with spirulina).
Now we try breed Premnas clown. But we know, that Rotifer is so big to use and we need help to find smaller live food.

Due to my bad english language its hard for me check and study that great forum (but i study everyday, trust me!) :)

So can any give me some easy answers?

1. whats name of some smaller live zooplankton then Rotifer, that is easy to use at home (i have no laboratory, im hobbyist)
2. How to feed that small live zooplankton ?
3. Is it possible to buy it somewhere in Germany? - its close to me from Czech.
4. Do you know any hobby breeder from central europe, for example Czech, Slovakia, Germany - because i have no contacts and USA is far far away from me.

Friends, im so sorry for my bad english and thank you in advance, because thats first place where i found other breeders and i will find here a lot of experience.

Thanks again

Vaclav Gros
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Re: Hallo from Czech Republic

Postby Davide_m » Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:16 pm

Welcome here vasekg,
My English wasn't good too.
I have a culture of rotifer, and harparticoid copepod.
In a furter, I buy a calanoid copepod for my personal use.
There ara a "S" Type rotifer but I haven't it, and I can find a "S" Type from several years.
Keep in touch.


(sorry for my english)
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Re: Hallo from Czech Republic

Postby konradzior » Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:50 am

Hello I'm from Poland, from Warsaw. Next to the house I have small aquaculture system. I culture phytoplancton, rotifers, copepods etc... I grow corals, shrimp, snails. And everything away from the ocean.

Konrad Kowalczyk
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