The Neverending Project - Broodstock System v2.0

The Neverending Project - Broodstock System v2.0

Postby Chelsey » Mon May 17, 2010 12:50 am

It seems like I've been working on this damn thing daily for a month now, and it's nearing completion. I still have a v3.0 in the works which will require more whole barrels (angels and wrasses ;)) but that's a little bit from now (aka 6 weeks or less). This revamped broodstock system is roughly going to total 750 gallons when complete (when new barrels are online) but is over 500 gallons now. The "old" broodstock system will house larger pairs of clowns (clarkiis, maroons, tomatos, etc) and the cube tanks on the opposite side (also known as the goby run) will house ocellaris, perculas, skunks, and gobies.

This was my first setup using a header tank, and I must say that after the kinks got worked out I like it quite a bit. The header tank is basically a tank at the very top of the room that is fed by two return pumps. The header tank contains heaters and is drilled with multiple bulkheads in it. The water in this tank feeds the entire broodstock system via gravity, getting "more bang for your buck" so to speak.

I've also been simultaneously working on a culture station out in the garage, which will house multiple species of algae, mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, rotifers, and pods. It too is nearly done but I'm not too pleased with the amount of condensation that has accumulated on things in my garage because of it, so I've got some kinks to work out.

While working on this project I've been rapidly acquiring pairs of fish and I now have a full house in QT:
-1 pair of melanistic clarkis
-2 pairs of psychadellic mandarins
-2 pairs of neon gobies
-1 pair of "smiley maroons"
-1 pair tomato clowns
-2 pairs orange ocellaris
-4 copper-lined cardinals (2 pairs?)
-1 pair of bellus angels
-1 pair of banana wrasses
-1 pair orange tailed dottybacks
-1 pair of orange skunks (female has extra markings on her face, no pics yet)

Currently, the broodstock system houses:
-1 pair of clarkiis
-2 pairs of orange ocellaris
-1 pair naked orange ocellaris
-1 pair snowflake ocellaris
-1 snowflake single
-1 tomato single
-1 GSM single
-1 pair GSMs
-1 pair Rod's onyx
-1 pair C-Quest onyx (purchased from Inland)
-1 ornery female target mandarin
-1 pair target mandarins
-1 pair gold line neons
-1 pair green banded gobies
-5 red headed gobies
-1 pair of flame angels
-1 pair pink skunks

Melanistic Clarkiis

Copper Lined Cardinals, followed by one of their egg balls


Smiley GSM (note that the two dots after the last bar and the last bar make a smiley face, which is why I have dubbed them this ;))


Tomato Pair

C-Quest Onyx in their new home:

Rod's onyx:

Orange ocellaris pair:


Goldline Neons:

Sump, dottyback tank, "crap" bin:

Dottyback tank, "crap" bin, header tank:

Top row of "old" broodstock system (in new location):

Bottom row of "old" broodstock system:

Goby Run:



Culture Station (need to take a new pic, it's got bugs in it now ;))
100 gallon cube
25 gallon mantis tank
~750 gallon (and growing) broodstock system
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Re: The Neverending Project - Broodstock System v2.0

Postby BaboonScience » Mon May 17, 2010 2:39 am

That is an awesome setup!
My setup changes about every 30 days FWIW. The next version is always on the horizon.
Keep the pics and posts coming.
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