Website builder?

Website builder?

Postby downbydasea » Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:58 pm

I am in need of a website builder. If you have experience or know someone you would recommend please let me know.

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Re: Website builder?

Postby aquagrrl » Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:28 am

What kind of web site are you trying to build? What is your budget? There is everything from sites like to finding a local designer/developer.

My personal recommendation would be to find someone local, but even that can be tricky - I've fixed more sites when I was freelancing from crappy designers than I can count. Your best bet is WOM recommendation. If the person you want to hire is booked up; chances are you've found the right person. Also be wary of price/cost. If they are under $40/hr, I would assume they don't know what they're doing, and someone who is charging $60+/hr is probably going to be the bees knees. Not that price is the only thing you should go on, but it's a generally good indicator. There are a lot of individuals who freelance because they aren't good enough to be hired by a company. You want someone that knows everything from User Experience to SEO, to Content Strategy, and everything in between; especially if this is a business website.

On the other hand sites like can be very frustrating dealing with overseas contractors. Many of them are juggling multiple projects and overstate their own abilities. I tried using freelancer type coders for some projects and about half I had to end because I kept getting delays and HORRIBLE stories of personal troubles. The first time it happened, I was suckered into believing the person on the other end was having everything in their life go wrong. By the second coder that pulled this I started to suspect a trend. By the third, I realized this was pretty common operating procedure, and would cancel any project that had excuses that weren't related to the project - I didn't mind "Hey, this is taking me longer than I thought." but the "Hey, my house burned down and that's why I didn't respond to your email for 3 weeks." stopped flying.

If you try and go the freelance website route, I'd try something like freelance switch

You might also be able to get what you're looking for in a template at a relatively low cost; and sometimes free. It really depends what you want to use it for.

Whatever you decide to do, the number one thing I recommend right now is to make sure the site you build is responsive. Responsive means scales to different size devices. The web is being turned on it's head right now by all the different internet enabled devices and trying to retrofit a site later to be responsive is going to be painful. But be wary in that area too; some designers say they do responsive design, but are just using a trendy term without really understanding what it means. Check out their portfolio and try some of their sites on different sized devices. Or, even change the window size from wide to skinny to see the difference. A couple good examples: What you don't want is a separate mobile site distinct from a desktop site. It's a management nightmare, and doesn't account for all the sizes in-between.
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