Thinking of getting back into it, hello to everyone again!

Thinking of getting back into it, hello to everyone again!

Postby jgs240 » Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:04 pm

Its been awhile since i posted here, i was little disenfranchised in the past but time heals all wounds :) Enough of that, on to the fun stuff!

In the past year or so i broke down my breeding system, sold my brood stock, and just enjoyed my display fish reef (with a few soft corals thrown in) in my living room. About a month ago my dad gave me his breeding pair of Flowerhorns (unknown type), a 90 gallon and stand. So ive got them set up next to my 30 gallon coral prop system in my basement. I was pretty content with that, feeding them tons of food daily and watching them interact (the male is still a bit rough with her, so for the time being they are separated with eggcrate/plastic plants). Next to my 30 gallon prop tank i have a 24X12 iron stand that holds a 15 gallon FW resevoir for my ATO on the bottom, but on top of the stand its just empty...begging me to put something up there! Which brings me back here. A friend has a bred pair of occy's for $40, so the tools are their to really have some fun again!

Just stopping in, saying hello and re-introducing my self. Ive got about 15 years hobby experience, and 3 or so in the breeding side of things. Didnt forget much, still remember the 80/20 rule (100% of an outcome is determined by 80% of your effort and 20% of your technique).
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Re: Thinking of getting back into it, hello to everyone agai

Postby xroads » Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:41 pm

Welcome back,

I love your rule!
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