Surviving a power failure.

Surviving a power failure.

Postby Luis A M » Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:54 pm

A tunneling machine working in my city,accidentally hit two main electricity ducts and as a result 100,000 people were left without light,water or elevators.. :evil:
In my case,the black out lasted three full days.Luckily,I could handle this dramatic situation without the use of a generator nor battery operated air pumps,and I want to share how I did it.
Two/three times a day,I took buckets of water fron the sumps and dropped it from some height in each tank,about 1/3 of total volume.This aerated the water and kept the bio towers in good shape.
All fish survived the ordeal without issues,and several clown pairs kept brooding their nests uneventfully. :D
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