i've lost one of my blue spots

i've lost one of my blue spots

Postby laura » Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:12 pm

:( i am very sad today i've lost one of my blue spots.
at 7am this morning i fed them both (i have two) what i believe is the female fed fine and seemed perfectly healthy. At 1pm i fed them i noticed my female took very little food and wasn't showing much interest. She also looked quite pale in her face but was active. i decided to keep a close eye on her. By 6pm she took a massive turn for the worst she had gone really pale wasn't interested in her feed and wasn't very alert,one side of her face was very pale around her gill and swollen.i decided imediate action needed to be taken so i caught her very easily and moved her to my isolation tank. i gave her a natural non- copper based anti-bacterial treatment. By this time her breathing improved and she rested then her jaw started to go pale and swollen an hour later she had gone totally pale and started swimming around the tank at an alarming rate and kept landing on her side.At 10.30 she then went on her back and went totally pale and stopped breathing i tryed to revive her but nothing worked.
Luckily enough the one i have so far looks very alert and active.
If any one could give me any advice as to where they think i went wrong please let me know. i must admit i do not know much about jawfish my partner got the two as a present.i'm puting it down to lack of knowledge and inexperiance with these fish.
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