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My Yellow Assessor

My Yellow Assessor

Postby Glennn » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:05 am

Hi all

This is probably a bit too early to brag about, but my yellow assessors bred last night and now one of them is guarding a bunch of colourless translucent eggs inside a small hole in a piece of live rock.

I can easily remove the piece of live rock and place it in a another tank to allow me to gather the eggs if it comes to that. I expect though that as this is probably the fishes' first spawning that I might lose this batch. That's OK.

I was thinking that I would use one of those floating plastic live-bearer-hatcheries and float it in my display tank. It has slits to allow water from the display tank in. I have a lot of experience raising freshwater cichlids, such as Altolmaprologus Calvus, which are difficult to raise until you get the knack for it - then they are relatively easy. I used the hatchery for raising Calvus fry until they got to about 5mm. I was thinking of raising the yellow assessor fry this way. I have Codium Intricatum that I will place in the hatchery to provide the fry with food and shelter.

My question though is about preparation of food for the fry for if they do manage to hatch. I use to make green water in freshwater systems simply by overfeeding a batch of water and using strong light to promote algae etc. Could I do the same for saltwater? Otherwise, are there prepared powdered or liquid foods that can be purchased? I was also thinking of just getting a piece of say fish and grinding it down and dripping some of this into the fry? I am aware though that small fry and choke on particles that are too large.

I do not run a sump and so I have plugged the corner weir and filled it with imitation live rock - commercial stuff. The tank water level is high enough to allow water to pass into the wier, but of course the weir has a low flow through. Consequently there are copepods swarming in there. Perhaps I could siphon some of these out and place them in the hatchery.

I do not have a lot of time on my hands at the moment and so any advice on commercially prepared foods would be great. But, in the event that I use such food, I would always scrape algae off the side of my display tank and add this to the hatchery as well to provide natural food.

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Re: My Yellow Assessor

Postby Luis A M » Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:25 pm

Welcome Glenn,and congrats on your assesor spawning! :D
Marine fish typically hatch very small and require a larval tank and very small live food.
If you want to read about it,this is a very good book:
http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Illustra ... 03&sr=1-15
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