which phyto is isolated at high salinity?

which phyto is isolated at high salinity?

Postby dave w » Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:18 pm

Hello, I can't find my copy of the Plankton Culture Manual by Hoff and Snell. I think I lent it to a friend. In the later editions of the manual they describe an algal species which tolerates high salinity and point out that a common method for isolating this species is by slowly raising salinity until other phyto die off. I know that Dunaliella and one of the Nitschias (sp) tolerate high salinity, but I don't think these were the ones that Hoff and Snell wrote about.

Can anyone check their book and inform me of the phyto that can be isolated by raised salinity? I bought a bottle of phyto mix that has a bunch of algae (Nanno, Iso, Pavlova, Thalassiosira, Tetraselmis and Synechococcus). In my experience, the mixed cultures quickly become monocultures of nanno unless silicates favor the diatoms like Iso. I'd like to isolate at least one of the algaes with high salinity before Nanno takes over the mix. I may also try to isolate another with high nitrogen levels, but not expecting success.

Many thanks. Anyone know of other culture methods to isolate some of these? Carbon filtration perhaps to allow only the smallest to pass through? High silicates for the diatoms?
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