Sexy shrimp nano: breeding?

Sexy shrimp nano: breeding?

Postby Zante » Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:44 pm

I'm planning to set up a freshwater shrimp tank and house some of those blue cherry shrimps.

Since I have a twin of the tank I want to use for that project I was thinking I could set up a mirroring SW tank with a colony of sexy shrimps.

The tanks are approximately 50 litres each.

With the freshwater shrimps it's easy to fill the tank: get a few and in a few months they'll fill it for you, but obviously things aren't so easy with the marine inverts. My main aim isn't breeding, but since it's going to be a species tank I'd like to give them every chance to start doing so.

My main questions are these:
- I imagine it's very much a question of no corals, right? I don't like the idea of a SOWLR tank so if all corals are out of the question, what do thing about macroalgae? It would mirror the planted FW more closely, but I've never had a SW planted tank. Any suggestions?

- What about CUC? I suppose the shrimps themselves could be considered CUC, but would a few snails pose a threat to larvae?

- What about water movement? What kind of pump could I use that won't mince the shrimps? Would an internal filter with a sponge inlet do? That too would mirror the FW tank as that's the filter I'd use for the blue cherry shrimps.

As for feeding the larvae, well... I'll have phyto cultures going for the main tank and I might get the rotifers going too, but if you have any suggestions they're welcome.

Note: I don't want this to become a breeding project yet, but as I said, if the shrimps spawn I want to give the larvae a chance of survival in that tank.
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Re: Sexy shrimp nano: breeding?

Postby Luis A M » Sat Mar 04, 2017 4:23 pm

Hi Zante,
You can keep sexy shrimps in any simple set ups,with or without algae or other invertebrates.
But larval raising must be done in a different special system,no chances to have them surviving in the main tank.Check the info available in MOFIB :wink:
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