Eggs lost on day 4

Eggs lost on day 4

Postby zhengyafei » Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:05 am

I have 7 pairs of ocellaris and 1 pair of goldstripe maroon spawning normally for 3 months.

But from day 3 or 4, eggs lost part by part. Even on day 7, some hatched, babies were so weak lying down on the bottem, and next day died up to 300. Now, I cannot harvest large crowds of them.
I put a new spawn in a blank tank, air stone near them. Still, on day 3, some eggs fall down on the bottom of the tank with some become white and some still black.
I picked up the falled black eggs and observed by my microscope. The black ones were all alive with large yolk and heart beat! Their tail exposed out of the bottom of their egg shell, still waging slowly!

My environment:
Nature sea water, sand filtered. NO3=0.
Foods: artificial food, fresh freezon shrimp, squid, pectinid, fish eggs, fish meat, chichen heart, nori and seaweed, newly hathced brine shrimp, with Selcon and fish oil.

What's wrong? Help me please. Thank you!

By the way, I'm in Sanya, China. There are not so many formula foods as in the USA.

Thank you so much!
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Re: Eggs lost on day 4

Postby Amie » Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:04 pm

I am really sorry that your post has gone unnoticed - have you resolved any of your problems yet? If not, I have a few questions for you...

From what you described, it sounds like you are taking the eggs away from the parents on day 1, is that correct? The male clownfish plays an important role in the development of the embryos by continually fanning the eggs and picking off any bacteria/fungus that may develop on the eggs. No mechanical method can ever replace the work of the male clownfish. Many people take the eggs out on the day they are supposed to hatch, but never before that.

Please let me know if you need additional help. I should be notified if you post here again.

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