Mantis Shrimps - Group Overview

Mantis Shrimps - Group Overview

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This overview is currently under construction.

1 - Species covered in this forum:
- replace sample below with your group details - be sure to use proper formatting of latin names whenever utilized.
The Family ASDF - quick synopsis asdfasdf asdfasdf asdf asdf. This family includes popular species such as:
Genus species - the "Whozy Whatergator"

- replace sample link below with appropriate link to Family groups (as displayed below) can be found by going through the "Identification" drill-down.

For an overview of the Callionymids, see ... s=&c_code=

2 – Common characteristics:
Provide base information on the group, focusing primarily on care needs (i.e. diets, sizes, whatever is relevant or important for a fish keeper working with this particular group)

For more basic information, visit - - replace link with appropriate link to group / species on wetwebmedia, if appropriate.

3 – Reproduction:

3.1 – Sex determination:
Separate sexes;
Sequential hermaphrodites (protogynous);
Sequential hermaphrodites (protandric);
Synchronous hermaphrodites;
- select appropriate options - provide additional information where possible

3.2 – Sexual organization:
Harems (multi-females);
Harems (multi-male);
- select appropriate options - provide additional information as possible.

3.3 – Sexing:
Sexual dimorphism; provide details where possible
Sexual dichromatism; provide details where possible
No Information / Not Applicable;

3.4 - Pairing / Setting Up Broodstock:
Provide basic techniques for establishing breeding pairs in captivity, if known.

3.5 – Courtship:
Describe courtship / signs of impending mating etc, if known.

3.6 – Spawning:

Describe spawning behavior, if known.

4 – Eggs:

4.1 – Size:
List size - again, if there are ranges, note for what species etc..

4.2 – Quantity:
List quantity or quantity ranges as known...if varies with species, provide multiple species information if possible.

4.3 – Oil globule present/absent
Yes/No or unknown - provide whatever information is available.

4.4 – Incubation period/Hatching temp:
List time and temp if applicable.

5 – Larvae:

5.1 – Size at hatching: enter size
5.2 – Yolk sac present at hatch: Yes/No
5.3 – Mouth present at hatch: Yes/No
5.4 – Eyes developed at hatch: Yes/No

6 - Rearing:

6.1 - Breeding & Rearing Techniques
Brief synopsis / special notes of any rearing techniques available.

6.2 – Day at first feeding:
List date / time at which larvae first feed.

6.3 – Feeding scheme:
First Foods, progression, whatever is appropriate based on current information and experiences. List any special techniques / timelines available.

6.4 – Age at meta:
Text Description as required...

7 – Species been reared successfully
Scientific name - followup with notes on individuals / companies successfully rearing. If only partial successes have been made, list those.

8 – References

8.1 - Articles

List any Articles/reference availabe in print.

8.2 - Web Content
List weblinks for online content
Description of link - (AKA. the link)

9 - Compiled By
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