Algae Scrubber for Broodstock Tank?

Algae Scrubber for Broodstock Tank?

Postby smfarrell » Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:59 pm

Hi, I'm trying to figure out if I can sustain a broodstock tank with no live rock, sump, refugium. Can I use a HOB filter for the ammonia - >nitrite - >nitrate cycle and then an algae scrubber to remove the nitrates? I'm talking about a 10-15G tank with a pair of Ocellaris or Perculas. The only reason I was thinking a HOB filter might be needed is there won't be a good place for the bacteria to live without live rock, sand, etc. I know bacteria can live on glass and my clay pot, but is that enough to sustain the bio load of two fish being fed several times per day. My objective is to limit the need for water changes if possible, and also lower energy consumption. I have an upflow algae scrubber that runs on 2 3w LEDs, so that's pretty minimal energy. I won't need a return pump for a sump, and there won't be any expense of live rock.

My other idea was to couple a refugium with a HOB filter. I was going to convert one of these cheap breeding structures into a refugium and add a light and some chaeto. It will take up more space and energy, but it's another option.

If these don't work, I'll just go the traditional sump route, or resort to frequent water changes.

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Re: Algae Scrubber for Broodstock Tank?

Postby SantaMonicaHelp » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:26 pm

If you are still have troubles with that scrubber, you can always build your own algae scrubber. Here's a link to a DIY thread about making algae scrubbers:


I hope I can be of assistance. :)

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