Organizing Groups of Local Breeders

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Postby Amie » Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:51 am

Almon wrote:Question: How old are the fish when you receive them? Are they completely grown or do you grow them out as required [increasing your effort and cost]?

They are ready to be shipped.

Almon wrote:Shipping and Transport: I've yet to get to the point of shipping fish, but I would try to consider options othan the the major carriers.

LFS' are always a good option as well. I've talked to one of the local stores and they are willing to set up a tank-raised only section, if we can supply a larger variety at a more consistent time frame, we just aren't there yet. It's easy to convince store owners that tank-raised are better than wild caught. First of all, they don't have to factor in the die-off that they always get from wild-caught. Secondly, they are just healthier overall and will eat flake food immediately. And finally, it's a selling point that people are starting to pay attention to. The biggest problem is getting them to pay enough for them, but if you go through these items, you can sometimes convince them to sell them for more than they sell the regular wild-caught.

Almon wrote:Disease: Yes, this is clearly a concern. I was thinking of setting guidelines on raising the fish to prevent the spread of disease, i.e. no shared systems, but I'm unsure how effectively that could be applied. Different people like to do things differently.

This is one reason that I have insisted on bringing the fish and inverts to my house first, before they get shipped out. I would rather observe them first to insure they are healthy than get them to the customers and find out then that they are sick. I never put them in a large system, they stay separate.

Almon wrote:Payment: I was considering a payment scale based on percentage. There are multiple stages or roles to the process including egg supplier, hatcher, growout, and distributer. Each role receives a percentage based on the risk, cost, and effort of each role. I don't know what those percetages are yet, but something like:

10% Egg supplier
40% hatcher
35% growout
15% distributor

Some people provide multiple roles and receive each corresponding percentage, i.e I provide the eggs and hatch them, for 50%. Or in Amie's model, she is the distributor and receives 15% of the return. The percentages are based on the associated risk, cost, and effort.

Do you think this payment model will work?

This seems viable, but you would have to run this by the people that are in the program and make sure they approve it. If they don't, you may have to tweek the numbers a bit. But it's always a good idea to get this figured out beforehand.
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