A Couple of Ideas

A Couple of Ideas

Postby ecoreeftech » Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:16 am

I have a couple of projects involving the use of plastic products that I sure could help with. These projects will help me save on resources (heat, weight, etc) which is part of my business. If these projects work, they will be published and many others may also find these products useful. i will now list them for you.

First, I am looking for a clear plastic container with a sealable lid that will hold between 5-10 gallons of water. I would like to use these for holding fishes I take to fish / coral frag shows and they would double as display tanks at these shows. So clarity of the plastic would be of concern. Sterlite makes a "clear" plastic container with a sealable lid that is very close to what could be used, but their clear isn't exactly clear. It is kinda milky looking. If anyone knows of a source, please let me know. Those acrylic display tanks are quite expensive.

Second, I am looking for a plastic vessel which will hold between 3 to 8 or so gallons of water. My goal is to put two (2) bulkhead fittings into this vessel. I have successfully used UHMW 5 gallon buckets with UN Hazardous Waste lids. These lids are pounded onto the buckets with rubber mallets and the lid will not come back off without using a saw of some sort. the sealing ring on these lids has no breaks in it for removal. (solid ring for 360 degrees). These buckets will hold a low pressure, so I can use them as a filtration system. I pump water into the vessel and use a hose apparatus on the inside to get the water to the bottom of it. Then, the water is forced through media (sand, pantyhose, etc.) upwards to the exit bulkhead and back into the fish tank system. The UN lids are hard to get locally. I tried to order them directly from the manufacturer (Letica) but they will not sell me a small quantity. I cannot afford nor do I have space in my modest basement for 100s of lids I will most likely never sell or use until after I get these products marketed, if I am lucky. If anyone knows of a source for 1-2 of these, please let me know. Or, if anyone kows of a different method of making a cheap filtration system, that would also be useful.

Finally, I am looking for a flexible hose which I can wrap around an exhaust vent of a home furnace and pump saltwater through the hose to transfer the heat to the water. This will greatly reduce the amount of resources I am (1) wasting out the chimney and (2) I have to put back into my saltwater fish system via electric heaters. I am investigating something like braided stainless flexible hose where the metal would prevent the hose from melting (I don't think the heater gets over 200 F in this vent) and that had a decent heat transfer and saltwater could be pumped through without any chemicals leaching from the hose. My perfect hose would have a layer of braided stainless on the outside and something other than rubber on the ID where the water contacted it. The flow of the water would also aid in keeping the hose from melting. This idea would also be beneficial to more folks than myself if it works. Anyone have ideas on this too?

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas, solutions, recommendations, etc. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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