Mantis Shrimp Breeding

Mantis Shrimp Breeding

Postby Curtswearing » Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:12 am

At one time I wrote a very long post on this subject. Unfortunately, a computer error caused my entire post to be deleted. This post is just a fill in post until I have time to re-write my original post.

In short, stomatopods are hard to breed. There are several reasons for this including;

    Many species have a VERY long larval stage
    Most species are monogamous
    Most larvae are cannibals and must be separated. The mechanics of how this has to be done is amazing.

I found a wife for Snuggles yesterday and I'm buying her today. However, I'm not convinced that they will ever go into the same tank to breed because I don't want to risk a fight and I also know the odds of me successfully raising the larvae.

Should you be interested in this subject, here's a great white paper by Dr. Roy. ... 1/expd.htm

Most people hate mantis. However, I find even pictures of the larvae awesome. ... atopod.htm
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