Pseudoplesiops typus?

Pseudoplesiops typus?

Postby William » Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:35 am

Does anyone have any experience with Pseudoplesiops typus?

I started with one, when I got it, it was a very light pinkish grey. In my mostly black tanks, it quickly became very dark and lost any hint of red/pink. 6 months or so later, I added a second one, this one was slightly smaller than the first and was a medium grey from the beginning, and stayed that color.

These two fish for the most part ignored each other. However, the introduction of the second fish caused the older & larger fish began to regain the red pigmentation. It was still very dark, it became almost maroon in color. Both fish were very cryptic, vary rarely leaving their favorite hideouts.

Another 6 months later, the smaller fish jumped down the drain and died. That was about a year ago. Since then the remaining fish re-lost the red pigmentation and returned to being a dark grey color.

Then this week I picked up two more. One is a light yellowish grey, the other is an incredibly vibrant neon-pink. Interestingly these two newcomers, behave absolutely nothing like the original two. These two absolutely hate each other. They fought so much I had to separate the yellowish one in a basket for it's own protection. And after being separated, they spend all day out in the open biting at each other though the basket. The original, which is at least 2x as massive, is still very cool mannered. So long as the newcomers stay out of his hideout, he shows absolutely no interest in them.

Below are some photos I took today of the three:

First, the original, chilling out in his hideout.


The brightly colored newcomer, showing off. It really is this brilliant. If anything this photo does not do him justice.

The two new fish fighting though the basket.
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