So whats the record for pair formation till spawning? Cypho

So whats the record for pair formation till spawning? Cypho

Postby Clownfish75 » Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:04 am

HI all

Well i really didnt expect ot be posting this after a grand total of 5 days. However tonight i was looking at my Oblique lined dottyback tank and i thought what the hell ill look in the males den see if it really can happen that fast.

What do you know there is an egg ball. not huge but decent neough to try rearing.

So that is the pair together ofr a total of 5 days, forget the wittenrich theory of aggresion and caves everywhere, letting them see each other, new theory sling them in a huge tank and give the 1 den each at opposite ends of the tank and hey presto eggs.

the next interesting thing is that i havent seen any torn fins, and the egg ball looks to be close to hatch so i suspect within about 2-3 days these fish had bred. I am in awww of this i have to say, 3 days. I knew some fish didnt waste time but i would never guess for a nasty beast like this.

They are in a 6ft long 2ft wide tank, all sand, 2 black cucumbers, one large rock down one end with a pair of banded gobies under it and a 1inch piece of pipe at each end a dottyback a piece.

hmmm these fish never cease to amaze me.

Having said that i now need to rear them, yeh, never reared a dottyback before, not through lack of trying.

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Postby KathyL » Fri Oct 31, 2008 9:38 am

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