Lysmata amboinensis first go!

Lysmata amboinensis first go!

Postby tank1980 » Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:20 am

Ok so on 4/5/2011 I was able to collect about 80% of the larvae and get them into a homemade kreisel. The temp is at 27C and I have been feeding them NHBBS.
Well this mourning I noticed they had gotten all out into the main tank only to see my screen has clogged :x as I used a 60 micron......

Im going to attempt to catch them again and clean the screen with a twice a day cleaning of the screen in hopes this helps with the clogging. I think I should try (after i see what happens with this batch) to change out the screen to a 100 micron any thoughts?

Also I have been reading "How to raise and train your peppermint shrimp" and was looking for any other tips as to increase my chances that may not be stated in this book.

Thanks, Pete
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