Fire and cleaner shrimps breeding

Fire and cleaner shrimps breeding

Postby Kennard » Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:37 am

Hi i have 2 fire shrimps and 2 cleaner shrimps in my tank and 1 of each pair is carrying eggs. Was wondering which one was easiest to raise the young?
This is my first attempt at this and dont seem to be able to find much info out on it so if anyone has manage to raise the fry and has any info or tips they can give me or no anywhere i can read up about it would be very appreciated.

So far i have cought the egg bearers and have put them in seperate tanks of 25 litres with a piece of live rock to settle on till they realease the eggs. With a airline tube coming from my tank siphoning new water to it and another from the shrimp tank to my sump to keep the water warm and fresh :D

Thanks for your help Jamie
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