Lysmata seticaudata

Lysmata seticaudata

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First off I am very new to this and trying to write this from memory so please excuse my rough account of how this went and my dodgey spelling. I Thought I'd post this as I cant find much info on breeding these though I just copied what people had done with other types of peppermints. I've had 1 shrimp in my 50 gallon reef for just about a year and decided that as i never seen it much these days I'd add another so got another slightly smaller shrimp and within 2 weeks I spotted my original shrimp carrying eggs.
The larvae were released shortly after lights out, starting off with the odd 1 or 2 and ending with the shrimp doing a kind of backflip from the substrate to the surface and realeasing them all in one little splash. I collected the larvae using a plastic bottle after attracting them to the surface with the light on my phone. I deceded today that I'm going to get myself a larave snagger to save future late nights.
Not the best photo but best I have.
I hadn't really been expecting them so didnt have any brine shrimp prepared so I quickly made some up though it was probablly took me 16 hours from the hatch til I first got food to them. Also for the first week they were in a tupperware tub with about 2 litres of water and for this week I removed half a litre a day and added another litre til I got to about 4 and a half litres. After a week I made the trip to my lfs and bought a 18"x12"x12" tank and another heater and air pump. The tank is bare apart from the heater and a wooden airstone. I continued water changes and added more than I removed til the tank was about half full.
Stupidly I didn't keep a diary of events but for the next few weeks I changed water daily a litre or 2 at a time usually 50% fresh made up water and 50% from my reef tank that house the parents :D
Their numbers dropped til I had about 20 or 30 left from roughly 200 originally and I then made the mistake of adding another batch that were around 2 weeks old. Not sure if it was the extra bio load but I lost all of the new batch and most of the originals leaving 6. I did try raising a few other batches alongside in 5 litre tubs but lost most after a few weeks.
I have these 3 photos but stupidly dont know how far along these were.
The remaining 6 didn't seem to be developing all that much though this may have been down to diet, I was having trouble getting brine shrimp to surrvive to a decent size so I continued to use bbs, ground up flake, some fry food I bought from a uk supplier and reef paste which i discovered late on they seemed to like picking away at.
I lost a few more 1 by 1 til I had 2 left and on day 49 I finally spotted a settled shrimp
the other shrimp took a further week and I had 2 settled shrimps but after a week the 2nd to settle turned up in 2 pieces. I'm unsure if this was just its remains breaking up or if maybe the 1st had killed it.
This is the latest picture I have of my only settled shrimp as I rarley get to see it, I have to go moving the heater and airstone out the tank to get any sort of look at it and always forget to have my camera ready.
I last saw it last week and it looked pretty much exactly the same as an adult shrimp color and all though its only about 15mm long. I'm unsure where to move it to as its still so small as I'd love to collect another batch and try again this time having food ready when they hatch and without keeping them in a small tub. My 2 adult shrimps take turns carrying eggs and carry the eggs for 2 weeks so I get a hatch every week. After the first hatch they seems to be alot more larvae, easily 300 probablly more like 400. Next time I try I will keep a diary and hopefully get more success as 1 out of 300 is a bit poor, though I was happy I got 2 to settle on my first attempt.
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Re: Lysmata seticaudata

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Thanks for sharing. The pictures are fine.
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