How to Get Break?

How to Get Break?

Postby Europhyllia » Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:49 pm

Do Jawfish need a break from breeding?
I created a 215g tank specifically with Jawfish in mind. It's got open sand areas, 6" of substrate and 3 mated pairs of yellowhead jawfish.

For some reason one male just keeps brooding. He just released a batch of babies last night, worked on his den frantically this morning and now he already has another mouthful of new white eggs in his mouth.

Luckily he is able to deposit the egg ball in his den and come out for feeding, then rush back in and put the eggs back in his mouth. So at least he's not losing weight.

But is it normal for jawfish to just brood continuously? Does he need a break?
If so how can I get him to take a break? Lower water temps? Shorter light cycle?
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