Pairing Pearly / Yellowhead Jawfish

Pairing Pearly / Yellowhead Jawfish

Postby mpedersen » Mon Apr 30, 2007 2:47 am

Anyone have any tips for pairing Pearly Jaws?

Short story, I started with a WC mated pair of Florida "Yellowhead" Jawfish. Lost one of the pair when it jumped and landed on the mechanical sponge (only dry place it could've landed). It should be noted that neither jawfish had black spots on it's lower jaw (although this trait has been given as a "male" trait in some places).

Since then, I first added a smaller pearly jawfish with black spots on the bottom jaw. It never really settled in, although it did spend one night with the remaining YH jawfish. Shortly therafter it disappeared.

My next attempt as another smaller pearly jawfish with back spots. This one as well had a rough time settling in, and maybe on the 2nd or 3rd night shared the den with the YH jawfish, but ultimately set up camp on the other side of the tank.

So my third attempt was a CB juvie from Martin's Batch. Being YH Jaws from FL, I'm not surprised to see no Black Dots on the lower jaw. This one arrived with a slightly shreaded tail, and I suspect it got picked on a bit (definitely not getting along with the PEARLY jaw in the tank). This 3rd specimen is just now settling down and has set up shop in yet another corner of the tank...for now I'm mainly interested in it's survival, and ultimately seeing if I need to add yet another?!?!

So, for those of you who've worked with Pearly / Yellowhead Jawfish before, am I safe in assuming that I DO NOT have a capatible pair in the works?

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Postby BaboonScience » Mon Apr 30, 2007 2:59 am

This is the most information that I think I have ever seen in a non-information post. :roll:
I am also looking for information on pairing. I see alot of Pearly Jaws go through on "shipment nights". Would be nice to key in on the relevant individuals!.
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Postby IdahoReef » Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:02 am

In the interest of making sure this is seen and responded to I will reprint my post as seen in this thread:

I just got a pair of YHJ's. I am looking for information on how they interact with each other as a pair. For now, they were only together for a few hours and then separated. One stayed in the burrow and the other went on various trips to the sump and once to the floor while preventing a third trip down there. That one has spent a couple of days trying to get down the drains and is now creating a burrow separate from the other although it IS on the same side of the tank where the other decided to move to.

One fish has a spot on the chin, the other does too, but it is extremely faint.
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