Possible way to sex (blue spotted) jawfish?

Possible way to sex (blue spotted) jawfish?

Postby Mmorrone » Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:43 am


I've had my blue spotted jawfish for a while now (6 months) in one of my nanos (25g). I have been thinking of perhaps getting a mate (probably a bad idea in such a small tank - thoughts? Regardless, I am interested in sexing perhaps for moving to a larger tank in the future). Reading online about it, it sounds like it's very difficult and depends on the head shape. However, I have always noticed something a bit odd about my jawfish: he/she has a little protrusion in which they pee out of (as a side note...do all jawfish pee? I always thought that was weird). I was looking online if it's normal and only a few of these fish have this little tube from what I can see - very odd. I had briefly heard about "vent sexing" fish like posted here:
And I know bettas can be sexed by a little white tube on the female. Perhaps this could be applied to jawfish too? I found a picture that exhibits what I am talking about. Here is the photo (which says it is of a female):
Look at what I believe is called the ventral fin (the bottom fin basically) and then go up the jawfish's body - it's right above it. Mine is just like that. Maybe I'm just crazy and all have that...thoughts? :?
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Re: Possible way to sex (blue spotted) jawfish?

Postby Suzy » Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:17 am

I think it is very possible we can tell by their vents, but I am certainly not skilled enough at it. I had a group of 6 pearly jawfish for a while. I never could tell the difference between them.
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