Help ! Death around 6th day (Ocellaris)

Help ! Death around 6th day (Ocellaris)

Postby juanpivec » Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:21 pm


I've begun breeding ocellaris near 6 month ago.
After many hatch this one seem to be great. I had near 80 frys at day 5 (80% of the eggs hatched approx.)

I use a BRT with 4 gal of new water, a bit of green water and rots twice a day. Rots enriched with Roti-Rich of FAF and Nanno.
I've made 10% water changed since day 3 up to now (day 8 )
24 hs light up to now (5w led lamp)
I put a small sponge filter on day 3.

At day 5 I started feeding with BBS enriched with selcon and vitamin min from FAF. Until that day I had almost no deaths, but from the night of 5 to today began to die half every night, to the point that today (8th day) have only 7 frys (1 that have passed meta)

I don't know what is the reason... I tried to do everything the best
I need help
Thanks !
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