My breeding attempts

My breeding attempts

Postby frogfish1 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:08 pm

Hi all! I have been keeping reef systems for about 15 years, and freshwater forever before that.

I have mated pair of ocellaris clowns in a 125 reef that gave been laying eggs forever. We have had the clowns for about 15 years. My 8 year old daughter and I decided to try and raise the eggs. We did lots of reading and searching online to understand the basics.

We have (4) 2 liter bottles of phyto going as well as two 5 gallon culture buckets of rotifers. We have the hatcheries for baby brine when appropriate.

The clowns are in a reef tank, so not easy to remove the eggs. We use a larvae snagger to catch the babies once they hatch. It works very well and we catch 75%+ of the larvae when we use it. It consists of a PVC tube lowered down to the eggs, an air stone to induce flow and suck in the larvae and a bottle to catch the little guys.

The clowns laid two batches of eggs that we collected. Half the eggs hatched on night 6 and the other half hatched on night 8. Is it odd that the eggs skipped a day? The ones caught on day 6 are tiny. We missed the day 8 ones of the first batch, but did get them on the second batch. They are MUCH larger. However the next morning every one of the day 8 larvae are dead and all the day 6 ones are still alive. They are still tiny, but alive.

The first batch lived about 2 weeks with steady losses along the way. So far the second batch, of day 6 eggs, are still mostly alive. They are really too small for me to even get a count on.

I used main tank water to set up a 5 gallon aquarium for the larvae. I have a heater and air stone in the tank. A small clip on 25w light up about 2 feet and I slowly move it down, making sure the larvae are not staying at the tank bottom. I do half gallon water changes every day, replacing it with brood stock tank water. Every other day, I am siphoning detritus off the tank bottom. Otherwise I use an air stone as a filter and siphon water through it for water changes. The tank is full of rotifers and I keep the water slightly green with phyto.

Hopefully the second batch of eggs continue to thrive and actually grow! They are 1 week old today. I would say they are 2-3 mm in length. New eggs were laid yesterday afternoon. I won't be able to collect the day 6 hatch, but will the day 8 hatch.
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Re: My breeding attemptstst

Postby Jake Levi » Sat Jun 06, 2015 6:53 am

Its a puzzlement on the liveability, it almost seems the 8 day larger ones would live longer/better.

Let us know please how the new batch is doing and comparison between the six day ones.
Jake Levi

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Re: My breeding attempts

Postby Maddy » Wed May 11, 2016 8:14 am

Hi. How do you know exactly when to catch the fry when they hatch? I've read 45 min to an hour after lights go off? And do the blue lights count as "lights off" or not? Don't the other fish immediately eat the fry as they hatch before you can siphon them out?
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