My first small babysteps to become a breeder....

My first small babysteps to become a breeder....

Postby DigitalAnatomy » Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:09 pm

Hello all!

(my last post went lost in /dev/null)

This is an amazing forum with so much knowledge and information it is hard to take it in and sort it out for a newbie like me, so here i need some advice and pointing fingers and handclaps.

I have been an active reefer for about a year and the more I see, the more I want to learn. The more I read, the more I love the inhabitans. I also love challenging stuff so I thought raising peppermint shrimp seeme to be an excelent start. I bought the perppermint bible and all, but yesterday a local reefer offered me a maiting pair of tomatoe clown really cheap. I could not resist the offer and now I am here. Tomorrow I will pick them up and from that i dont really have a clue.

My plan is to keep them in a 14 gallon tank with some rock and a BTA. The live in a BTA at the moment and i do not want to be rude. I want them to feel at home and be kind and respectfull to the animals i house. No other tankmates there. After that i plan to transfer my baby-fry to a 10 gallon tank and start to feed them with rotifers for a week. After that my plan is to slowly train them on Otohime. From that i have no clue really. If i can get to that point before september-oktober I would be more than satisfied.

here are my (first) questions.

1. Seems the plan legit or am i totally derailed?

2. I can´t get Otohime in sweden, have to orderit from england, so i wonder what types i shall order. I´ve read about B1, but there are so many other forms of otohime and shipping aint free, so I better buy a bunch when i buy.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Re: My first small babysteps to become a breeder....

Postby Amie » Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:16 am

Hello DigitalAnatomy, and welcome to the site.

A couple of comments...first of all, I don't think you need to worry about providing your new tomatoe clownfish with a BTA, they will be happy with or without one. It is completely up to you, however. Having a BTA in a tank can be a challenge sometimes if you do not have the proper lighting or environment. Clownfish are perfectly happy with a flower pot.

Are the tomatoe clownfish spawning now, in the current environment they are in? I would suggest getting the book, Clownfishes by Joyce Wilkerson. It is a great, in depth book about caring for clownfish.

My personal opinion is that it is not necessary to purchase Otohime to raise tomatoe clownfish fry. There are plenty of good foods out there, I am sure your country has cheaper options. The most important food is a constant supply of live rotifers, brine shrimp, and maybe a small copepod, if possible. The hardest thing about raising any type of marine fish, or shrimp, is learning to raise the live food.

Best of luck ... and have fun.
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Re: My first small babysteps to become a breeder....

Postby DigitalAnatomy » Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:18 am

Thanks for the reply Amie.

About the concerns about the BTA. I have another one in my main 25 gallon tank wich seems happy and healthy, so I think it will be ok. If not, I put it in my main tank as well or pass it on to another reefer. I really like anemones as well. As long as the BTA not makes the breeding more difficult i stick with that part of the plan.

The clowns are regulary spawning in their enviroment they are in at the moment, and i´ve read it´s betetr to move them together in same to their new aquarium, so thats my plan. It´s a bout 25 mins with car, so i think I only go for a big bucket with lid and drive carefully.

There are not many hobby breeders in Sweden, not many that´s public about it at least so it´s a bit hard to find what people use for foodsource and such. Therefor i thought about starting with Otohime, which I read numerous sucess-stories about, and when I have that food at home i can try to start search for different food/cheaper food. I need to buy rotifers, food for rotifers (is this usefull? ... er=product) , enrichment (is this one good ... er=product) and such as well, so i make a starting package from England with some bits and pieces of what i need. I take the money from my fragtank and put it here :P

The live-food part i haveunderstood is the hard thing. When the fishes have passed meta and start to eat my pellets i think i have come a long way. I will really try my best to get there as soon as possible, without rushing.
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