Need some tips and advice

Need some tips and advice

Postby LoloV8 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:24 am

Hey guys.

I have recently bought a 60L tank and I am looking to get 2 small Ocellaris Clown fish (+- 2cm).

Before I go and pick the fish up (which I have already paid for), I would like to know what I should have for a tank of this size? I have the tank, a 150w heater, and a hang on external filter (1200L per hour). I have live sand in the tank, but can't find live rock at our stores. Been running the nitrogen cycle for a month now. Salinity is 1.020. Do I need any extra filters for such a small tank? Protein skimmers? Vibration pumps? Sump filters?

I am used to running a tropical tank, but I am entirely new to marine fish.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Need some tips and advice

Postby Luis A M » Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:42 pm

Hi Lolo welcome! :D
Hmm,your set up seems so much FW! :wink:
Not bad,and you can certainly keep two small ocellaris in a 60 L tank with virtually any aproach,including a simple sponge filter.Or the UG filter so much used in the past.
But SW systems are usually run with sumps which can service several tanks.There are many books where you can find detailed system descriptions.
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