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There is a batch off eggs at a fish shop of hear in england from a pair of frogfish, i wonder how hard it would be to raise them
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Re: Eggs

Postby BaboonScience » Tue May 26, 2009 2:02 pm

Hey There!
I have not tried these, so what I say is only based on what I have heard.
Female frogfish will lay unfertilized egg masses. Check the mass and determine if it is fertile, first.
If fertile, you should be able to rear them on the standard diet of rotifers/algae and BBS.
The young are probably canabalistic. At some point you will need to figure out a method of separating them or (As DavidM stated in another thread) you will wind up with one very fat fish. :roll:
Other than that, I look forward to reading about your go at this.
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