Freshwater phyto question

Freshwater phyto question

Postby ichthyogeek » Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:19 pm

Ok, I know that this is the MARINE fish and invert breeders forum, but I definitely need to ask this. Some time in the future, I want to work with some very minuscule freshwater fish (Microdevario kubotai, Brachydanio tinwini, Corydoras pygmaeus, and Boraras brigittae). The traditional way to raise the M. kubotai, B. brigittae, and C. pygmaeus, is to add in a rotting leaf or piece of driftwood for the fry to snack on. Uhh...yeah, sure. I'm a tad bit skeptic on the whole "add a rotting something to the tank" bit. I'm looking for a more sterile approach. I also know that the main way to raise clownfish and other fish, is to use rotifers and then artemia nauplii. Since reports of the M. kubotai say that they are "microscopic" and require the use of a magnifying glass to see for the first few days...I'm going to assume that my mini fish are similar to marine fish larva. So therefore, a diet of gut-fed rotifers slowly transitioning to microworms/vinegar eels and finally to artemia nauplii is suitable to feed to mini fish. However, I also need to gut-load the rotifers for the rotifers to be of any nutritional value. So here are my questions:

Can Nanno, Tet, and Iso be converted to freshwater culture? Can anybody state experience with this? If so, then how did you keep your water parameters (kH, GH, and pH wise) assuming you reconstituted from RO/DI? What about fertilization?

Can I feed Nanno, Tet, and Iso that's been turned into cryopaste to freshwater rotifer cultures?
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Re: Freshwater phyto question

Postby Jake Levi » Sun Jun 14, 2015 8:52 am

You can buy fresh water phyto and rotifer cultures from Reid Mariculture, and others, also a very good culture manual from Frank Hoff. Review the stickies here, they are excellent.

FWIW you should be able to go from the rotifers to NH artemia with the species you mentioned.

Good luck with your spawns.
Jake Levi

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