Help me, please! Death of percula

Help me, please! Death of percula

Postby emperador » Mon Aug 24, 2015 3:35 pm

Help me, please!
Dear friends,
I’m Fernando from Santa Fe, Argentina and I really need your help because I no longer know what to do need I don’t want to medicate just for the instance of medicating fishes without knowing exactly what it may be affecting them.
I will describe the facts in details
I have a fattening system of 250 lts. approximately, separated in three different ponds of 65 lts. each and the rest belongs to the sump. I have also got a skimmer according to the litres, a water return of 2500 lts. I have 4 lts of sera siporax and 15 kg of live rock as a biological filter and I change 120 lts of water weekly. The whole system is joined under an only sump.
The problem: I had 400 orange perculas from 100 to 150 days old and whose size went from 2cm to 3.5cm. More than 150 of them have been sold successfully and in good health. But in the last weeks we have lost fishes in our system. We associated it to the weakest and smallest ones and the lack of nutrition – since the big ones eat a lot and do not leave much food to the rest. We are feeding them with TDO C from othoime. We also noticed that some of the fishes left long white threads when they defecated. We turned on the heating, we fed them more times a day and the issue got better. But three days ago, I started to suffer the death of 10 to 15 fishes daily without any apparent reasons. They are no longer the weakest and the smallest. They are 3 cm fishes!!! That is driving me crazy because I can’t find anything wrong. I know I will find some other dead ones and I will check their skin in the microscope to check if there is something in their skin.
System detils:
Amoniac : 0 -- salifert
Nitrite: 0 - salifert
Nitrate: less than 25 - salifert
Density: 1020 – refractometer
Temperature between 26 C y 28 C digital thermometer
We haven’t noticed anything strange in fishes; no white spots, no agitation!! –but they are dying without any visible reason.
We do have noticed in 4 of the dead specimens they lack their tails and I have also identified the same problem in some of the live ones. The problem is on their tails and not on their fins – so I think that is due to fights.
Thanks a lot for your time and help. Any piece of advice would be of great help!!!
saludos fernando
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Re: Help me, please! Death of percula

Postby Luis A M » Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:23 pm

Sorry to hear,Fernando :(
If water parameters are ok,the fish must be sick.Keep watching closely for fast breathing and/or whitish cover on the skin.If you can spot a sick fish before it´s gone,catch it and perform the FW test as described. :?
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Luis A M
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Re: Help me, please! Death of percula

Postby emperador » Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:38 pm

que tal luis

me lleva loco esto ,,, los miro a diario a los peces varias horas y no encuentro nada raro ,,, se mueren varios a lo largo de algunos días y luego por un mes todo esta ok ,,, luego lo mismo ,, no se que esta pasando ,, jajaj

no veo ni un sintoma de enfermedad, al pareces en estos dia la cosa mejoro mucho ,, ya no tengo muertes ,,

lo que voy a hacer es separarlos en grupos de no mas de 50 para ver que se alimenten bien con el tdo c ,, peceras me sobran asi que no es problema

ya veremos

saludos fernando
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