Please Help Fry won't live past 24 Hours!!!

Please Help Fry won't live past 24 Hours!!!

Postby James32 » Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:17 pm

I was wondering if any of you could help me with a couple of quick questions? I keep having my Ocellaris eggs hatch in the 7 gallon tank I am using with the water from the main parents tank , which isn't good water and hasn't had a water change in 4 -5 months as I am selling it , the main tank levels are nitrites-0 nitrates-15 with salifert kit and 40ppm using API kit, PH 8.3, Ammonia 0.25 using api, I am wondering if they would be better off with newly mixed saltwater that has been mixing for at least 2-3 days and just 20 percent of parents water or something like this?.. Also I also read that keeping the fry tanks water green using concentrated rotigrow can kill the Fry? Is there any truth to this? So far the fish are hatching but I can't get them to live past 24 hours, this is only my 4th attempt at breeding them but I have been in the hobby since 1992 and mostly kept sps and tended to stay toward high end stuff, now I really want to try my hand at Breeding. I have a 5,7 and 3 gallon tank to choose from for the fry I also have a 24 gallon nano but I plan to use this for the Spawning pair once I get them out of my 363 Gallon System I am selling off and have been for 4 months now! I have 2 L rotifer cultures going the bucket style and I Just bought a 1 liter bag of Reed Maricultures "RotiGrow Nanno 3600x" , I also have a 53 micron sieve for the rotifers and a phyto density stick .....Which leads to my next question , How do I properly dilute the rotigrow into a bottle of rotigrow 100x density? and or is it necessary to do thiks? Any tips of advice would be much appreciated as I really want to see some clowns make it to and past metamorphosis!!
Thanks for looking and thank you kindly in advance for your help
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