Just need to tell someone

Just need to tell someone

Postby ashlight » Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:21 pm

Hi guys, Luis,
I feel a need to share, a wile ago I noticed that a pair of my fridmani' in one of the aquariums in my coral farm are laying eggs, I grow corals not fish, I have them but I don't raise them, nor do I raise Rotifers of copepods, so I thought to myself how hard could it be... I set down and read all that Luis and the rest of you guys have written here... Well a month and a half later I'm a proud DAD for 5 pink Fridmani's. Unfortunately now that I grow all that is needed for raising larvae I now have lots of pairs that suddenly are laying in almost every system in my facility... I already raised clowns twice and fill like I wan't my life back.
Many thanks for all the great info and the hand you gave me Luis Cathie and the people at MOFIB


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