Banggii Cardinals

Banggii Cardinals

Postby jaypilot » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:20 pm

I have a male cardinal holding now and I just have a few questions. I talked with a local fish store today about first foods for cardinals and he said some of the larger commercial breeders like ORA and places like that are starting off with frozen foods like cyclops, rather then baby brine shrimp. He also recommended that I try to pull the male out now (6 days) and put him in a breeder box rather then waiting to about 18-20 days.

So my question is, has anyone tried to feed your cardinal fry just frozen food rather then live baby brine and if so what type of success did you have and secondly when should I try to put the male in a breeder box?

If baby brine shrimp is the best food should I be enriching them or are the shrimp to young to eat anything anyway?
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