Our first attempt at raising Percula's

Re: Our first attempt at raising Percula's

Postby edandsandy » Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:42 am

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Sorry I haven't updated in a few day...
All the juvi's have adjusted to their new homes and the pickering is almost completely stopped... YEA!! I can not believe how aggressive they were, and how fast they are developing.
I'm feeding Ocotmine B2 now. I have ordered the TDO as mentioned earlier, just waiting on the delivery. We are moving forward on remodeling the fish room for the brood stock - grow out systems. We picked up all the material yesterday after careful planning on where the placement of the system will begin. I only want to move things around a little at a time, and hopefully only have to do the plumbing once. So we are asking as many questions from our LFS on how they plumbed their system, and have learned from their mistakes. We ordered the drill bits and the suction cup drill guide to drill the tanks. There are 5 tanks to move around before we can begin construction. Lots of planning on where to keep the seahorses and all the breeding pairs of fish. One of my Banggai male is holding eggs now, and one pair of clownfish just laid egss. As Murphy's law will have it, they are in seperate tanks....

Wish us luck!

If you have a grow out system, any advise on what you built and what you would do differently?
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Re: Our first attempt at raising Percula's

Postby Jjay88 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:32 am

edandsandy wrote:Thank you!
How's your project coming along?

Things are moving along, I have my first pair in the system as of a few days ago :D I am also in the planning stages of the grow out system... hoping to get it right the first time, my space is limited right now, so any mistakes in plumbing would really suck..
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