Project delete died them at birth in A. percula

Project delete died them at birth in A. percula

Postby car2130 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 10:32 pm

Hello friends of MOFIB for months have read your forum to learn and be able to participate.

I started to raise perculas and larvae die at birth. I read in the Forum several equal cases but I see that there is no apparent cause. And that all cases can be due to various causes. I will try to do some experiments to try and improve my number of survivors.

Here I put them the conditions of parents:
Water manufactured with commercial salt and reverse osmosis water.
Water parameters: salinity: 1021 Ph 8.0 to 8.25
Ammonia 0 0 nitrite nitrate 0 phosphates 0
Temperature: 27 ° C (80.6 ° F)
Chaeto and biological filter and eskimmer stone Filtro:USO
Tanks: Parents are alone in a tank of 16 gallons and the filter has 16 GAL
Power of parents: 30%, 30%, eggs of atum misis artemia 20% and commercial feed 20% during 3 times a day.

Lighting: two tubes of white Neon light 40W.

Features of the sunsets sunsets:
More than 400 eggs nests very few lay white 3-5 eggs.
Eggs are given 15 days.
The nests are born in 7 exact days. Born more than 80% of the eggs but they die just a few minutes after birth. Other then the 2 hours. Only survive 3 to 7 larvae.
The nest retreat to a black bucket with soft bubbling with the same water and temperature of the parents. NOT LOW SALINITY. Day 7-8: 00 pm and 8: 30 pm already begin to birth. Were born already almost 100% at 11: 00 pm

My project is taking off from the slab 4 sets of eggs and treat them with different products:

I am going to use freshly prepared at 1020 density and only aerated water for 24 hours

First group a bath 30 minutes in peroxide of hydrogen.
Second group using methylene blue in water up to 24 hours after birth
Third group green Malachite in water up to 24 until after of that being born
The dose that I use is the same recommended to fish freshwater scalar.
Fourth Group will be control unchanged.

Please if someone can contribute something that can improve the results of this test are so I would appreciate much. I try to do it in the most scientific way within my possibilities.

Sorry for my English but use a translator
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