I need help - has anyone transported eggs before?

I need help - has anyone transported eggs before?

Postby GeorgeCheck » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:51 am

Hi all,

I will be moving to another City, 3 hours drive away. To spice things up, I have just had two clown and one Prawn Goby pair lay eggs. I want to keep the eggs. This is the first time one pair of clowns and the gobies have laid - i took me 6 months to get this far with them, I dont want to wait to have them become re-accustomed to their new home before the decide to lay again!

I plan to remove the eggs and put them in an empty salt bucket attached to their tile ( for the clownfish eggs)

As for the gobies, they have basically made a giant lose egg ball next to their rock where to spend 99.99999% of their time hiding under. As of tonight its yellow, i think this "handywork "was completed this afternoon. My plan is to carefully remove the egg ball and into a container.

My biggest concern is oxygen, its winter down this part of the world (New Zealand) so I plan to transport all my fish in sealed plastic containers inside a polybox with a hot water bottle (obviously i will be running my car's heater also).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks in advance
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Re: I need help - has anyone transported eggs before?

Postby Luis A M » Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:58 pm

Yes,your plan sounds good.Best if you pack with oxygen,but just air will do for just a 3 hr trip.Eggs consume little oxygen.and you don´t need a hot water bottle if you use your car´s heater.
The thing is what you do after arrival.You can return the nest to the clowns which might keep caring of them (or not).For artificial incubation you should airate them or tumble the goby eggs,perhaps with some antiseptic/antibiotic.
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Re: I need help - has anyone transported eggs before?

Postby Amie » Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:55 pm

Poor timing on the fish' part, huh?! I agree with Luis, you might want to consider adding O2. I have transported fish in a bucket of water with a portable airline in the bucket, without any issues.

Hopefully adding the eggs back in with the clowns will help them to continue laying eggs in the near future.

Good luck!
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