DIY reef salt

DIY reef salt

Postby konradzior » Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:38 pm


My name is Konrad. I am a breeder of marine shrimp and corals from Poland.

Sorry for my "google - like english".

I decided to make my "own" sea salt. The recipe developed on the basis of the composition of sea water. ... and=eschol ... and=eschol

I use this mixture to shrimp and corals farming.

Thank you for finding all kinds of errors.
Constructive criticism is welcome.

The amounts of salt are enough to prepare 50 liters of water.

Main components:
NaCl >> 1342,4 g
MgCl2x7H2O >> 273 g
MgSO4x7H2O >> 339,6 g
CaCl2 >> 55,5 g
KCl 32,8 g

Additional components:
Additional components are designed to perform the solution. The following amounts of salt is added to 10 liters of water. We add 500 ml of the solution to 50 liters of seawater.

KBr >> 97,5 g
Sr(NO3)2 >> 31,4 g
B2O3 >> 14,8 g
NaF >> 3,1 g

"Trace" elements:
Trace elements are intended to perform the solution. The following amounts of salt is added to 1 liter of water. Add 0.5 ml of the solution to 50 liters of seawater.

Ba(ClO4)2 x 3H2O >> 14,2 g
KI >> 6,6 g

Finally, after all the components have dissolved NaHCO3 is added in an amount to raise the carbonate hardness.
I maintain kH at around 8. For this purpose 15 g of NaHCO3 to 50 liters of seawater.

Best regards
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Re: DIY reef salt

Postby Luis A M » Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:07 pm

Hello,Konrad! :D
Making your own DIY salt mix is not easy and seldom needed,unless you need very large volumes where the cost of commercial mixes would be prohibitive.
I made it years ago,using the formula of Segedi-Kelley,very popular in America under the brand name Instant Ocean.
Weighing the salts is complicated because much of their weight is water absorved from the air.You need to dry a sample in the oven and then calculate the % of water for accurate weighing.
And then when SO4Mg was added,a lot of precipitate was produced.This doesn´t happen with commercial mixes,where new mixed water clear itself in short time. :?
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