benchtop system fish breeder

benchtop system fish breeder

Postby gabrielaamorim » Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:02 am

Hey everyone i am new to this website but i'm excited to see allo the responses i can get.

i just got a benchtop system fish breeder, 2 shelf racks with 5 3 gallon tanks on bottom shelf and and 10 one gallon tanks on top shelf. on the bottom of both shelves i have a sumb, uv sterilizer, water poump, air pump, carbon filter, air diffusers, and etc... so it looks like i have the whole system set up to start breeding fish, i have one 20 pound live rock in the sump for better water filtration. however, i'm not sure what the first steps are to start breeding, or what fish/invertebrates are the easiest for a begginer to breed...

any suggestions, tips, recommendations, or any other parts/equipment i need to start breeding....?

thank you all so much! :D

****if needed, i will post picture of benchtop system fish breeder for better understanding***
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Re: benchtop system fish breeder

Postby onsan » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:16 am

clowns are an obvious choice, a little overdone tho, most damsels and humbugs make good starters, all these can be breed in smaller systems.
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