broodstock setup please chime in

broodstock setup please chime in

Postby fkrezel » Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:51 am

so for stock i have a paired young snowflake in bin #1, then in bin #2 i have ORA darwin pair, #3 i have an older ocellarius approx 4 years old with a darwin, and tommorow i need to make a fourth chamber in this 40 breeder to house my new fish im getting tommorow a spawning pair of osc that will hopefuly give my my hatch i so desire. ... 08f625.jpg
#1.jpg ... 893692.jpg
#2.jpg ... 6d27eb.jpg
#3.jpg ... fee36d.jpg

oh and baby snowflake i resucued from an overflow at store ... b377fe.jpg

i currenlty have two 40 gallon breeders to use .

what do you guys think would work better?

setting up four 10 gallon tanks or two 20 gallon tanks or somehow making these 40 breeders work.i was planning on using one 40 for a sump, i want to have 4-6 broodstock tanks just in case i get more in the future
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Re: broodstock setup please chime in

Postby fkrezel » Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:17 pm

Today I notice my 2 darwins I guess laying down senority, the one clown has a really banged up tail fin and the other is untouched, it seems however they tolerate each other as they swim together and I don't see them during the day Chase each other so this must be happenig at night, I placed a few more tubes etc so he can hide or go sleep somewhere else for now l, am assuming this is normal behavior. They are both very young from the same tank.
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Re: broodstock setup please chime in

Postby downbydasea » Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:00 pm

If they are both from same batch don't assume they will bond. You may end up with I single. If there isn't a deffinent difference in size I would recommend finding a bigger fish or proven female to pair with one of your little ones.
As for your set up the forty split into 4 compartments is fine however the filtering you have in picture would not obvisouly work with 4 10s so keeping that in mine if you have 4 seperate tanks it does give you an added level of protection from disease being transferred through a single tank.
Good luck with your venture.
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