UV Sterilizer size?

UV Sterilizer size?

Postby aquagrrl » Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:55 pm

I'm debating on what size UV sterilizer to go with for my racks. Each system is semi independent, Two are 120 gallons for grow out, and I'm constructing a broodstock one that is 160 gallons. I've previously not used a sterilizer, but I'm getting paranoid that I've been lucky so far. So I'm debating between an 18 watt and 36 watt. 36 watt is overkill in most cases, but I'm thinking that especially for grow out, a little more might be better.

I'd love to hear other peoples experiences and thoughts on UV on their broodstock and grow out. Should I go overpowered or not?
- Tami
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